CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.3(2011-13), 1 October 2011

CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.3(2011-13), 1 October 2011

Check It Out! APASWE
No.3(2011-13), 1 October

Dr. Raju Bala Nikku Co-opted Board Member

The APASWE Executive Board is delighted to announce that it has co-opted Dr. Bala Raju Nikku, Nepal School of Social Work, as Convener of Small Grant Sub-Committee.

The APASWE Constitution allows the Executive Board to co-opt no more than four persons as convenor of Board sub-committees (Article VI Section 1. D.). He would be also a good connecting point with South Asian colleagues. Dr. Nikku served for the previous board as co-opted Board Member and Chair ofNominating Committee.

New APASWE Website and Email Addresses
Click and you will see a beautiful well-improved new APASWE website! This will be a strong tool to connect you, APASWE members, and APASWE. We hope you access the site frequently. Any comments and suggestions to improve it would be always appreciated. Old has been closed.

APASWE developed another direct channel with members—new email addresses as
follows in replace with, which will be closed soon.

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